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A Legacy of Flavor

Born into a family with a rich history in the New York restaurant scene, Andrew Molen's love for hospitality ignited at a young age. His journey began at his family's restaurant, Samalita's, where he worked alongside seasoned professionals who groomed him to become the restauranteur that he is today.

Andrew's hospitality prowess didn't stop at Samalita's. He went on to make his mark in some of New York's most iconic dining establishments, including:

A Journey Through New York's Finest

 - Insieme at the Michelangelo Hotel

- Chez Josephine

- Southgate Restaurant at the Jumeirah Essex House

- The Plaza Food Hall within The Plaza Hotel

- Restaurant Gordon Ramsay at The London Hotel

- Todd English Enterprises

Andrew's journey through New York's finest establishments is only part of his story. He also made a significant impact in The Hamptons & expanded his influence to Ludlow, Vermont, leaving his mark at each stop along the way.

The Hamptons, New York:

In The Hamptons, New York, Andrew's sense of hospitality & fine culinary experience shone bright as he took on key roles at some of the areas most prestigious establishments, including:

- Sunset Beach by AB Hotels General Manager

- The Maidstone Hotel Chef

- Jean-Georges at Topping Rose House Food & Beverage Director

- Isola Chef Partner

Ludlow, Vermont:

Andrew's journey continued to Ludlow, Vermont, where he took on the role of Managing Partner & Chef at a variety of restaurants & motels, including:

- Sam's Steak House
- Mr. Darcy's

- Off The Rails

- Alta Tuscan Grille

- Calcutta's

- The FoxRun Golf Course

- The FoxRun Inn

- Villages Inn

Sam's Steak House

Andrew brought his experience in the restaurant industry to improve the menu & day-to-day operations at this local staple in Ludlow.

Mr. Darcy's

Andrew's hospitality background & culinary talents extended to Mr. Darcy's, where he crafted an enjoyable, easy dining experience.

Off The Rails

At Off the Rails, Andrew's passion for culinary innovation shone through in every dish, creating a culinary destination in Ludlow.

Alta Tuscan Grille

Andrew's influence reached Alta Tuscan Grille, where he continued to elevate the dining scene with his culinary expertise.


Andrew's culinary journey at Calcutta's, where he elevated American Fare to new heights.

The FoxRun Golf Course

As a culinary partner at The FoxRun Golf Course, Andrew ensured that golfers enjoyed not only a great round but also exceptional dining.

Join the Culinary Odyssey

Andrew Molen's journey has taken him from the bustling streets of New York City to the serene landscapes of The Hamptons & the picturesque charm of Ludlow, Vermont. His dedication to excellence & innovation is a testament to his passion. Join us in savoring the diverse flavors & experiences he has crafted throughout his remarkable journey. 


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